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Embroidered Kenpachi Wrist Wraps

Embroidered Kenpachi Wrist Wraps

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Inspired Wrist Wraps

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Wrist Wraps
100 x 8 cm /-/ 39.37 x 3.14 inch
Flexible for comfort
Elastic thumb loop
Embroidered hook

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STRENGTH: Our Wrist Wraps provide you with that extra PUSH your workout needs. For the moments when your wrist strength is not enough, our Wrist Wraps fill the gap.

SUPPORT: With plenty of length options, our Wrist Wraps can cover your Powerlifting and Bodybuilding sessions just as well.

DESIGN: Created from scratch with the idea to support smaller wrists, Yunak's Wrist Wraps are softer than your usual wraps. That way, when rolled, they add a ton of support to your wrists while being a comfortable fit.

DURABILITY: The unique material and flexibility of our Wrist Wraps helps them sustain even the hardest workout sessions.

All our Wrist Wraps are created by hand in Bulgaria, Europe. Slight differences might occur.

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